Why You Need to Focus on the Importance of Your Brand's Logo

Your company logo is what will make your customer's experience with your company, pop into focus, when they are trying to remember who they did business with, months down the road.

For just a moment, stop and think about a couple of the different, well-known logos you, yourself know of...
What comes to mind, if I were to say... "Golden Arches"? I bet it would take you less than a split second to know exactly to which company I'm referring.

Now besides the obvious road side signs across the country, you need to keep in mind just how much other branding is done, by this and other popular fast food chains. Not to mention the countless other popular company logos of different well-known franchises everywhere we look. Franchises are well renowned because of LOGO RECOGNITION and proper BRAND PLACEMENT! They advertise on the doors and windows. They fly flags and banners. They have logos on their shirts and hats, cups, wrappers and even their napkins. Literally, everywhere you look... LOGOS! You can't get the image out of your head no matter how hard you try!

So you are considering designing the logo that will represent your company. Some key things to consider should be the following:
  • Consider your company name. Assuming you have established the name of your company, you will want to design your logo to incorporate at least SOME aspect of your company name. (A large "M" for example, referring to my earlier notes.)

  • Now you will want to consider your color scheme. This is HUGE! You will want a color scheme that is appealing to as many people as possible. You will also want to make sure that your logo will match well to the company store front and uniforms (if these apply). You will want to have your logo out there grabbing (and keeping) the attention of your potential customers, so make it eye-catching, without being garish.

  • It is also very important to make certain your company logo is designed in such a way as to be easily reproduced in multi-color (if applicable), as well as one color. Many promotional products have the limitation of only being able to imprint one color. This will also save you money on these items. One color imprints are typically either a lower cost to imprint or the cost of the imprint, being only one color, is included in the cost of the promotional item. You will want to ask your designer to save your logo in several formats for output, ie: vector, jpg, png, gif. This will make your logo print friendly as well as web friendly.
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