Cartoon Logo Design and When Is It Best for You

We all know that Smiley has hit phenomenal success because this simple, four-stroke cartoon logo design depicts the characteristic of happiness and friendliness in a way that everybody can draw. Up until now, many businesses are sporting a character logo because of its personality and versatility. Moreover, if you wish to know if this type of emblem will best suit for your organization or industry, here are some cases where you can freely use it to your heart's content:

1. If your target market is children or babies

Sure, all youngsters love animated portraits. And that's the very reason why you have to use comical characters to market a child's products. Animated figures bring out the best on playful, carefree, and colorful brands. Of course, this marketing strategy calls for supporting props to make the characterization effective enough on kids.

2. When there's an element of childhood

Is your business all about toys, or storybooks, or Christmas, or Kiddie Meals? A bit of imagination won't hurt and you'll see that these designs are marketing the products without using complicated words and obscure logic that they use to advertise the commodities of grownups. Reason doesn't make sense to children, but imagination does. That's why building a snowman is so much more appealing to the colts than choosing what sweater to wear on cold holidays.

3. If the core essence of the business is companionship

Talk about pure friendship, compassion, and amity. You know just how these traits are clearly visible by the appearance of care bears and smileys. If you want your colored pencils to be the school buddy of the youngsters in grade school, why not create a brand that will literally show a cute school buddy on the icon? Personalization always works for the girls and tads.

4. When you need to project a personality trait

Simply put, when a simple image and typography aren't enough to portray the identity and individuality of your brand, the best option for you is to create a cartoon logo design that can tell who you are or what your products are. The character may be fictional or not, as long as it depicts the characteristics of the brand which you wish to market.

5. When it's all about pets

Whatever furball you fancy, the fact is, animals are just so adorable when you doodle them. Heck, even cockroaches look cute with some cunning of the pencil. Any business that concerns animals and insects deserves a character illustration of some sort. Well, at least in my own opinion. It stimulates the imagination and enthusiasm, and keeps your attention away from the ugly realities of life. Set up a farm and advertise with a cute pig character. Bet they'll never imagine that it will be so stinky inside.

6. You can create it for virtually anything!

We've seen them all over, in beach logos, hotdog stands, computer shops, and so on, you get the idea. I'm yet to see some on logos of corporate edifice and law firms. Kidding aside, a character illustration is very versatile that you can use one for almost any business product you wanted promote. Colors and lines came into life when a character emerges from them. This may be the reason why cartoon logo designs are so timeless.
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